Sanathan Kassiedass

Sanathan Kassiedass


“It all begins with an understanding of the need.”

There is a common theme that connects Sanathan’s prior work in the tech sector with BlackBerry, work in the municipal and non-profit space with Overlap Associates, and educational background that spans an undergrad degree in business and a masters in urban planning – a focus on the needs of an end user.  Sanathan has leveraged this focus to combine several consumer insights that led to the production of the best selling product in his group’s portfolio, three years in a row in the tech sector.  In another project setting, this led to a series of community engagement activities that connected a public utility with residents of a community and solved a pressing issue between them.

Sanathan has planned and facilitated community engagement sessions in diverse settings from Waterloo to northern Ontario to Tobago at the southern tip of the Caribbean.  He has leveraged design thinking methods to plan these engagements, built business plans off of key consumer insights, and delivered actionable strategic plans that have received buy-in from all levels.

As part of The Talent, Sanathan will help you gain a stronger connection with your customers, users, or residents, and build an innovative strategy to better meet their needs.