Karen Scian

Karen Scian

Principal & CEO


Karen’s professional roots lie in education, where she honed her extensive analytical skills and a passion for change management. A former Waterloo City Councillor and Professor in Conestoga College’s Business School, Karen works to leverage leadership theory and social innovation, in a practical manner. Her focus is always on developing the capacity of others – her students, your community organization, or an emerging high tech company.

As a Principal of The Talent, Karen draws upon her extensive understanding of what drives organizational success and works to tailor effective strategies to address each client’s unique needs.

Karen is adept at reframing conversations and asking the key questions that allow insight and innovation to emerge. She sees possibilities where others see problems. Her proven talents are geared to create a successful learning organization: Developing effective engagement strategies, curriculum and workshop design, strategic planning, and guiding organizations through change initiatives. She has deep roots in the not for profit community and will help your organization achieve its governance goals.

Karen is trained in the fine art of Graphic or Visual Facilitation, which she uses to create a dynamic learning environment and foster the authentic conversations that today’s organizations need to grow, compete, and embrace change.