Darin White

Darin White


The Venn diagram of Darin’s life includes overlapping circles of tech, art, and the maker movement.

“I spent twenty years in software development. I have half a fine art degree coupled with a love of photography. And I’m a self-taught hacker of electronics and fabricator of all sorts of physical things.”

These overlapping domains loop in some of the most interesting aspects of Waterloo Region and position Darin to capably dig deeper on the unique cross-discipline stories of where we live and who we are.

As part of The Talent, Darin will work with you to connect with customers, partners, investors, and potential hires. As the founder of makebright.com, his passion lies in helping you tell your real story. Your company is internally defined by stories too. For your team, the story answers questions like “Who are we?” and “What are we all about?” That leads to a stronger sense of belonging, to deeper loyalty, and to stronger commitment.